Choosing your Wedding Colors-Marrying-Later-in-Life

Creating the Right Wedding Style and Color!

Creating the right wedding style and color for your wedding is the most challenging area to start when planning your wedding. (more…) Read More

Exchanging rings in a plane

Unique Wedding Venues!

Check out our series of Unique Wedding Venues!  Will you be married on a golf course or a cruise ship?  Will your toes be in the sand or in the water?  So many choices! (more…) Read More

What is really Sincere Love?-Marrying-Later-in-Life

What is really Sincere Love?

Sincere love is not born of possessiveness but of necessary space and distance.
--Melanie Gainsley Marriage is indeed a compromise (more…) Read More

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IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SHOES...and the steps we take!

We have traveled the Steps to Marrying Later in Life and have created a guide to assist you in planning a wonderful wedding. Our goal is to share our ideas and offer solutions to make it easier for you to navigate the challenges of Marrying Later in Life.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS ~ Marsha Connellan & Elizabeth Berberich

Not too long ago we found ourselves in the wonderful yet confusing time of planning a wedding appropriate for our age and family circumstances. But we found all of our personal and business experiences did not prepare us for the decisions we had to make as a bride getting Married Later in Life. It was at this time we decided to write an informative guide for today’s modern women.

In the process, it became apparent that getting married at our age had more challenges than just planning a wedding, because there are other questions involved when getting Married Later in Life that may not be an issue for younger brides.

Since we started, a growing number of Internet dating sites have become available and more and more couples over 40 are getting married through this connection. Therefore, we designed our book to be an informative, interactive wedding guide full of information and ideas that are helpful for both the bride and groom as they plan for one of the most important days of their lives.