Whenever I want an answer to a question I have about etiquette, making an informed decision, or now asking for wedding advice? Guess where I have gone to always get the right answer?
Yes, to Mom! When I was lucky enough to have her as she is gone now. But even now, I ask her in my thoughts when I need her support on an issue, I simply ask her…what would you do?
Throughout the process of planning our wedding as a later in life bride, I had many decisions to make since I wasn’t 22 any longer.
Here are a few of my favorites that walked me through some very stressful moments of decision making!

Never settle for second-best:

Our mothers seem to have an instinct as to what we deserve in life as women. Whether it be our choice in partners, friends, homes, jobs and now wedding decisions.
Mothers have done their utmost in making us aware of how wonderful we are as women, so mirror that in your life choices.
And also in your shoes…

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Remain Calm no matter what!

This is a tough one as there will be many stressful moments while making those all-important perfect decisions you hope will never go wrong! Our mothers seem to be great at always keeping calm and they are pro’s at somehow managing the most stressful situations. Whether it was juggling work and home, managing the grandchildren’s melt downs or balancing our needs with her husband. Bottom line if you begin to stress out about some of your wedding decisions, remember to remain calm like Mom. It always surprises me that it works.

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Be kind:

My mother always told me it takes just as much energy to be kind as it does to over react and be mean. The act of kindness costs nothing. Don’t take advantage of your bridal party, family or close friend. Delegate the tasks that need to be done but be aware of everyone’s limitations and capabilities. Remember, mothers have the wisdom of age and experience which we might not at this time of our lives, so take advantage of her free advice and pearls of wisdom. Listen!

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Always wear practical shoes

Whether you’re walking to the office or gracefully dancing up your wedding aisle, wearing the right shoes for the occasion are a must. Yes, those Jimmy Choo’s are beautiful and statuesque on your feet when you are sitting down, but traipsing down the aisle and standing for hours greeting your guests might not be the best choice. However, you might not want to compromise their beauty or look, so wear them down the aisle and bring another pair of practical ones to maneuver the reception.

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Thinking back on our mothers, how many times growing up has your mother quietly said, I told you so? Remember the time you dyed your hair a trendy color? Or decided to add another piercing to your body or TINY tattoo that NO one would see? You might be regretting that decision now in choosing the wedding dress of your dreams!
And, who says practical has to be boring? Not us for sure. We’ve got some gorgeous ideas for you right here.

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Be prepared

As you anticipate what possibly could go wrong on your wedding day with a last-minute wardrobe malfunction or makeup disaster, always expect the unexpected. How is that our mothers always seemed to have an endless supply of everything we could possibly need? Kind of like Monty Hall on “Let’s Make a Deal!” Those tissues, painkillers, aspirin, needle and thread, baby wipes and so forth. Check out all of our recommended necessities for your “Bridal Emergency Kit” in the last chapter of our book, Marrying Later in Life.

Think about the wise advice your Mother gave you. Did you listen? If you are lucky to still have her, open your mind to her suggestions. Enjoy! Come back soon and always remember “It’s All About the Shoes’…and the Steps we Take.

Wedding Advice-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

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