It is true that when your partner is away for a weekend, week or you have a long distance relationship, that the absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I experience it when my husband goes on weekend fishing trips or is gone playing golf.  At first I relish in the opportunity to have my “freedom”, meaning some alone time to do anything I want at any time.  For example … I can shop for clothes and not hurry home to make dinner,  I can have crackers and peanut butter for dinner with a glass of wine!  Ha!  “Anything” I want!  I can watch chick flicks all day and all night!  I can have friends over and catch up, enjoy some “girl” time and conversation.  And, then on day two I miss my husband.  I miss his face across the dinner table.  I miss him in bed with me.  I miss him.  In his absence my heart has grown fonder.  This know how lucky I am to have someone to miss.

Let’s turn this around a bit …

If you aren’t in a relationship and have a pet … this could work with you missing your pet or them missing you!  Maybe you are the person who is on the business trip or weekend away and your pet is home waiting for you.  Don’t you just love them more when you walk through that door?  Your dog will probably lick you to death.  Your cat will probably be pissed off for a while!  But you know for sure that their little pet hearts missed you terribly and you theirs.

Let’s turn it around a bit more ..

What if your partner is away for 3 -4 days and you don’t miss them at all?  What does that mean?  Don’t freak out.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem.  It could just mean you need more time away from each other.  Maybe a week.  I remember when my husband first started going on fishing trips.  I don’t remember missing him until maybe day 3!  I think it was because I had so much “me” time to catch up on!  But by day three I missed him.  So, I hope by your day 3 … or I’ll give you until day 4 … you miss your guy or gal!  If you don’t you might want to think why that is!  Everything could be fine, or not.  That’s for you to think about.

If you are in a long distance relationship, you are definitely luckier these days with Skype and FaceTime.  But, I would suggest writing a letter.  A real letter and have them receive it in their real mailbox and wish you were there to see the surprise on their face!  I just love getting “real” mail!

Elizabeth recently wrote a blog post on “The Secrets of Happy Couples“.  Take a minute to read her blog post.  It is a reminder of, or a learning of, things that you can do to make your relationship better and be a happy couple.

absence makes the heart grow fonder
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Now, go spend a few days away on your own and relish in the YOU time!  Make your heart grow fonder!


Karen Ezell

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