If you are lucky enough to live by an apple orchard and you love apples, you might want to get married near one!

I just loved looking for inspiration for this blog piece.   Apple Themed Weddings!  So many great ideas …. and I DO love apples!  If you are looking at an Apple Orchard wedding, you will be thinking of a fall wedding as most apples are harvested in the fall depending where you live.  On Soergel Orchards website, an Apple Farm in Pennsylvania, they have a great chart letting you know when each type of apple is harvested.

My favorite, the Gala, is harvested in Early September, the Red Delicious in Late September and others in August and October… so you’re first step is finding a location at or near an orchard scheduled before the harvest times or the trees will be bare!

If the orchard itself doesn’t host private events, you’ll need to find a venue and bring the apples to you!  Here are some great photos to give you inspiration.  They can all be found on our Pinterest Boards!

I’ve focused more on red apples for this themed wedding than green, so here you have a few ideas for your wedding party and bouquet .. it’s all about the red!

Aren’t those red bride tennis shoes great?!!!  I love them .. but you might want something a bit more dressy!!  Next up … the table and favors .. and dessert of course!

So …. have I given you some inspiration for your Apple Themed Wedding??  I hope so!!  There are SO many cute ideas out there on the web .. Pinterest and local searches.

First thing to do is find a location!  Find a local apple orchard and even if they aren’t available for weddings, give them a call, they can probably recommend someone nearby who is.  If you find a location near an orchard you might be able to have your photos in the orchard!

Thanks for reading my latest blog post here on Marrying Later in Life!  Please submit any Apple Themed Wedding photos to info@marryinglaterinlife.com attn. Karen


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