Creating the right wedding style and color for your wedding is the most challenging area to start when planning your wedding. All the other design elements to create your wedding will fall into place once these two designs are chosen. The colors you choose are crucial to your wedding decor, venue and unify everything from your bridal party, invitations, flowers to reception tables, wedding cake or dessert.

Choosing your Wedding Colors-Marrying-Later-in-Life

Weddings are usually all about white, or a soft pastel color when marrying later in life. The urge to add more vibrant colors might be desirable to brighten everything up, but not always necessary or a good idea.  Choosing too loud, garish or bright colors will often distract from the calm, peace and joy of the day.

Choosing your Wedding Colors-Marrying-Later-in-Life

It is often best to narrow your palette of colors to just a few. Check the color wheel for complimentary colors if you are unsure. We think selecting three main colors is best, although five colors in shades similar to two or three basics would create  a nice balance to your design and venue. Often times when choosing your bridesmaid dresses, a darker color such as green, emerald, navy or even black is your style. That is terrific!  Just keep the complimentary colors in lighter hues of your main three. Choosing too many colors will end up creating a venue resembling Cirque de Soleil!Choosing your Wedding Colors-Marrying-Later-in-Life

Also, keep in mind the patterns you select for your venue. These include tablecloths, napkins, runners, etc. Try to choose one or two patterns at most, along with a variety of textures, which will create a visual interest in a more subtle way. Examples would be satins with lack, or cashmere with a rough material such as burlap or a tweed.

Choosing your Wedding Colors-Marrying-Later-in-Life

Keep in mind the venue you select before choosing all your colors. Many older establishments such as hotels and country clubs have established colors and patterns. Make certain the colors and style you do decide upon, will result in a pleasing setting with your venue.

Enjoy and let us know what you choose and why!