When marrying later in life, you will discover you do not have to obey any of the wedding traditions you may have followed when you were younger.

The style you create now will be your very own personalized style. It will fit your personality and your husband to be at this time of your life!

So, the big quandry is where to start creating your own style? With your dress of course! Choosing the right dress to make you sparkle and shine on your special day is always the best place to start!

Creating your own Wedding Traditions-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Do you want to wear white?

 This is up to you. If it’s your first wedding at 50, you may want to follow the tradition of being a first time “princess bride.” Perhaps not choosing a dress with lots of poof, but instead selecting a more sophisticated, glamorous look.

Creating your Wedding Style with Traditions -Marrying-Later-In-Life

When I married, my dress was a soft, pale yellow, long with a bustle. I didn’t want to wear white, but then I did choose to wear a veil, which I did not wear when I was younger. It was always a dream to marry again with a veil.



Today, brides can wear almost any color they choose for their wedding dress and designers are giving us more options in a palate of beautiful colors and hues.

From a blush color to mint, blue and even burgundy and black for a winter wedding. Although these later dress choices are very rare. Most of us would rather stay close to traditional colors when it comes to deciding on your dress color.

Carrying a bouquet?

While most of us love a beautiful bouquet made with our favorite flowers, there are many floral alternatives today.

Creating your Wedding Style...What traditions will you keep?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

A bouquet made out of succulents or pearls?

Or, you can choose a floral crown in place of a veil or as part of the veil, a corsage for your arm or wrist, or a floral necklace if your dress cries for something around your neck.

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses:

Mixing and matching bridesmaid’s dresses in the same color or same color palette has become a growing trend in the past few years. Another idea is choosing a color such as navy, and having your party choose their own style of dress in that color. This avoids pouring one of your bridesmaids into a dress that might be very unflattering to her figure.

Having Sides for you Ceremony : The Brides and the Grooms:

We have discovered for many of today’s weddings; couples choose not to have set sides for brides and grooms friends. This seems to be more common when not at church wedding. The couple’s friends more often than not have met and known each other through the couples dating process, so have made new friends and would like to sit together during the ceremony.

The parents and immediate family are the exception to this trend, and most couples still seat their families on the traditional sides of bride and groom.

Seeing your partner before the ceremony:

 This has become more casual and not as forbidden. We love when the bride and groom meet for the first time as she walks down the aisle towards her groom, and there is something magical and endearing to see this happen. This is when the tears start to flow!

Creating your own Wedding Style-What Traditions will you keep?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Today, many couples are much more casual about seeing each other before the ceremony begins. This is often the time when the bridal party and family pictures are taken to keep the flow of the evening moving into the reception.

Tossing the Garter:

 This tradition has become less favorable with a more sophisticated crowd. Many of the attendees are already married, and those who are not might feel singled out when they are not with a significant other or have just brought a friend as their escort.

Creating your own Wedding Style-What Traditions will you keep?-Marrying-Later-In-Life


Where to host your Reception:

Classic venues for receptions are always gorgeous, however today there are so many other alternatives. How about your own backyard, a barn, an old factory or classic historical building? If you have chosen a destination wedding then the venue will dictate where the reception will be. Try to be creative and make it a comfortable and fun location for your guests, not to mention creating a memory for the two of you.

The First Dance:

 Many of you have lost your parents before you met your new love. This custom of the first dance is up to you to continue. Many friends are taking dancing lessons so they can perform like :Dancing with the Stars” contestants in front of their guests!

Creating your own Wedding Style-What Traditions will you keep?


Having a Wedding Cake:

There are so many alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, that are often less expensive and more fun for your guests. Wedding cakes are the plus plus to the menu. As above the cost of the cake, slicing the cake into individual pieces adds an extra upcharge of sometimes $2-3.00 per slice.

Cupcakes…like this monogrammed sea of cupcakes!

Creating your Wedding Style-Traditions to keep-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Cake pops, donuts, gelato trucks and interactive dessert such as smores or your favorite family pie recipes have gained in popularity in the last few years.

Creating your Wedding Style-Traditions to keep-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Not to mention full on dessert and sweet tables. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more couples choose to serve multiple desserts alongside their cake or ditch the tradition all together. We do so love the tradition of cutting the cake and feeding each other a slice!

Favors or Not:

Are favors essential at your wedding? Do your guests appreciate them and do they remember to take them when they leave in the excitement of celebrating you?

Creating your Wedding Style-What Traditions will you keep?-Marrying-Later-In-Life


We are in favor of a little something at each person’s place, however some couples are choosing to leave a note on the table or on their website that in lieu of a favor, donating to their favorite charity would be greatly appreciated.

So what traditions are you going to keep when planning your wedding? Let us know the ones you consider important!

And…come back soon!


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