How do you start dressing your groomsmen? As summer is just around the corner and spring weddings are here, light colors for your groomsmen seem to be the choice of fashion this year. However, after your wedding, will the men who stand by your groom’s side want to splurge their wad on a light colored suit that might be only a one time occasion to wear?

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The style for gentlemen in the office and out to dinner has definitely changed to a more casual look. With the exception of course for men on Wall Steet and other executives.

So what are your options? We have discovered a wonderful solution. Renting a suit! This seems to be common for proms but for weddings it is often overlooked.

Renting a very tasteful, well-fitted suit has now become possible from The Black Tux. Based in Santa Monica, The Black Tux has just partnered with the New York design duo Ovadia & Sons for a new look. They supply the entire wardrobe for your groomsmen from the shirt, tie, shoes and even a pocket square of your chosen wedding color to match your theme.

How easy can that be for your groomsmen?

Check their rentals out at

And come back soon!

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Information from the Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal.

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