Halloween Makeup – Ideas and How-To

So you’ve decided on what you’re going to be for Halloween and you will be doing some cool makeup on your face.  Where do you start?  Here are some ideas and tips I’ve gathered that will help you!


You will need to prep your face for the makeup.

First – Wash your face thoroughly and let it dry completely.

Second – you’ll need a good primer.   I read on a few sites that they recommend Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  You can find it at Sephora.  This gives your face a level of protection while moisturizing.  Allow the primer to dry before you start your Halloween design.




I really admire people who can apply great makeup and especially on Halloween.  I could barely draw a cat nose and whiskers on my young daughter!  You really need a steady hand.

Depending if you are doing your total face or just lines / designs is where applying gets detailed.

I love watching videos on YouTube so I’ve found some for you to watch and learn by!




I found this great tutorial for a Tiger Face. It shows a lot of techniques and tips along the way.  Even thought you might not be a tiger for Halloween, this is a great video to learn from.

This one is creepy …. a black widow spider.  This How-To will show you how to paint it!


Now .. how will you remove your Halloween paint?

Don’t scrub hard, just lather up with a gentle shampoo, soap or use cold cream and wash or apply gently.  Make sure to moisturize when you have removed the makeup.

Karen Ezell

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You can see more examples for Halloween makeup on Pinterest!