We have always blogged and commented that with fashion, it is always “All about the Shoes!”
Whether it is having comfort at work, on the go shopping and now, especially for your wedding day, buying comfortable shoes is a must!
Yes, we all would like to be “glamorous” our stilettos like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, but sometimes we just have to be practical or know what tips to employ to create comfortable shoes.
There is nothing worse than having shoes that don’t fit correctly, especially when you will be standing for most of your wedding day events.
So how do you avoid this happening to your poor little feet?
Here are some of our favorites we have learned over the years from our Moms and other resources.

1. Buy the Right size.
When choosing the right shoe for your wedding style and the look of your dress choose to buy your shoes in the latter part of the day, after you have been on your feet for quite a while. My left foot has always been bigger then my right, so I comprise with the sizes and buy the larger of the two. Then I add a pad or two in the smaller size to fill it in.

2. Add comfort to your new shoes.
As you know, new shoes have a pristine look about them and are often stiff because of their newness. If you don’t have time to go to your shoemaker, and need to employ an old-fashioned home remedy, put on a pair of your favorite old socks before slipping into your shoes. Then dial your hairdryer to high heat and completely dry them to reduce the tightness new shoes always seem to have. The leather will soon have a relaxed feeling for your feet
3. Get a pedicure.
This is important as if your toe nails are too long, they will compromise the comfort of your shoes and may cause a blister to form which would add a kink to your honeymoon plans of hiking the Sierras. Adding a sparkly polish would add the right compliment to an open toed shoe

How to Prevent Wedding Shoes from hurting-Marrying Later In Life

On your wedding day…

1. Try to sit down at every chance you get. This will not happen! It will be difficult as this is your day to shine with Mr. Wonderful and relaxing will not be on your dance card!

2. Does your shoe feel tight in certain spots? Here are two solutions we use to remedy and prevent blisters! One old-fashioned suggestion is to melt some candle wax and rub it on the spots inside that might pinch. Sounds crazy doesn’t it!
However, we prefer good old Vaseline to address those touchy areas.
For either method, try it in advance of the day to see which one
works for you. Don’t forget to add a small tube of Vaseline to
your bridal emergency kit. A list of essentials is found in our book, Marrying Later In Life.

3. Add inserts and plasters to your bridal emergency kit
Buy some gel and padded inserts for shoes to your bag just in case you feel a blister is about to erupt. Most stores will supply them when you buy the shoes. These are our favorites! www.vivianlou.com

A tip we always recommend is to add a comfy pair of flats or flip flops if appropriate to change into if your feet start to scream!

How to Prevent Wedding Shoes from hurting-Marrying Later In Life

Let us know if you have any other ideas…and come back soon!

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