What is the simplest way to show appreciation for your husband or someone you truly care for in your life? Ladies it is very simple to keep your marriage a strong committed one for years. There is nothing better to share with someone else than to let them know they are appreciated.

The other day my husband did something that was for him, an extra effort after a busy day. He surprised me with cleaning up our deck from the last winter storm at the beach. Sand was everywhere and I was dreading the task of starting the process. Lo and behold, I came home from a hectic day away from the house, to find he had already tackled the chore. It wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but it was a gift for me!

I have discovered in relationships I care about, a simple appreciation of what someone does for you is an amazing acknowledgement. Whether it be someone at the market going out of their way to find something or a neighbor who brings us a container of homemade soup when we are ill, that simple task of saying “thank you” with their name makes all the difference.

With regards to my our marriage and yours, a simple expression of gratitude and appreciation towards the other person will create a stronger, indeed more solid marriage.

What one quality will Solidify Your Marriage?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

These thank you’s and “love hugs” we call them, will pull you out of rough times of conflict in your marriage as well as counter any stress you are experiencing in life.

Whether it be financial difficulties, a death or a family challenge, showing a hand of support and appreciation will go along way to bringing you closer and closer together in your marriage.

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