The Poinsettia Plant – The Christmas Eve Plant

Origin –

The Poinsettia is the flower of Christmas, but did you know it originated in Mexico?  The first United States Minister to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett, introduced the plant to the US in 1825.  That’s where the name comes from, well the English name.  The “real” name is Euphorbia pulcherrima.  We all buy Poinsettias at Christmas time to decorate our entry ways and tables, but how many of us keep them after Christmas.  If you plant them they just might grow and grow and grow!  They are a shrub or small tree and can reach heights of 2-13 feet!

I have tried to grow them a few times and they died.  Last year, I placed the plant (in the original container) in my garden and it kept living and living … because the roots were growing through the bottom of the container into the dirt.  I finally planted it directly in the garden a bit scared it wouldn’t make it, but it is still growing and some leaves are turning red .. waiting to see if it will bloom!  Maybe next year!!

So, don’t rush to throw them out if you have room in your garden to plant it.  It just might become a Poinsettia tree!

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Care and Watering –

Keeping the plant in a well lighted area away from drafts and heat, water it when it becomes lightweight or the soil becomes dry to the touch, about once a week.  Water the plant thoroughly in a sink, letting it drain, before putting it back to where it was.  source – Mitchells Nursery and Greenhouse  Follow that link for more detailed instructions.

Ideas –

If you’d like to create flower arrangements using the Poinsettias here is a beautiful one –

Weddings –

And because we are all about weddings, here are some beautiful uses for a Christmas Wedding!

How about using a color other than red?

via flourist magazine

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I hope you will give your Poinsettia plant a chance to live and you will plant it in your garden or in a pot.  It’s worth a try right?

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Another great read on how to care for your Poinsettia plants – HERE

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