Wallpapering together this weekend?

We were once told that if you could wallpaper together you would stay together.  We had a den to wallpaper and we actually did a good job working together on that wallpaper job … so I guess that’s why we’re still together.  The neighbor and his wife are still together as far as I know, but they got into a pretty big fight over it and couldn’t finish the project .. together … I think one or the other finished it by themselves.  And if that worked for them, then so be it and good for them!

How about Camping This Weekend?

What made me think of this was this past weekend.  We are campers and almost every time we camp we watch couples try and back their trailer into the campsite with one or the other yelling out commands. Most of the time the husband starts in the drivers seat and the wife is directing.  This past weekend, the wife was telling her husband “Turn the wheels the other way!”  “Your going to hit the pole!” “Stop!!!”   Sometimes you just don’t want to watch, it’s that painful!!!  Oh My Gosh!!!  It’s funny and painful at the same time!

About a month ago we camped, I mean “glamped”, at a local casino and we watched a husband try and back their trailer into their site, he just couldn’t do it so the wife took over and she had it jackknifed so bad at one point we had to turn around and quit watching!

And, yes, I know people are watching us too .. but we pretty much have it down now and don’t get into fights over it.  We used to have a Pop-Up trailer and we would bicker over the set-up.  I’m sure people were watching us and having a chuckle …”See, they fight about it too”!!

The moral of this story?  Hang in there and know that everyone bickers and fights over small things.  Yes, those are the small things in the bigger picture of life.

It’s all about the making up.  Make sure you hug and kiss and make up if you’ve argued over something like this.  No one is perfect!

Is there something you and your husband or boyfriend bicker about?  How do you turn around the situation and make up?  Tell us in the comments section!


Karen Ezell

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