You are going to another wedding next month, and the invitation explicitly says “Cocktail Attire”. We love weddings, and know the biggest challenge women face is what exactly that description means?
Yes, today the description for “Cocktail Attire” seems to encompass a huge category of dress for many people. Nix the jeans of course and step it up little bit, but the question always is…how much? Living in California for many years, our descriptive word of Cocktail Attire is “California Casual”. To me that description is one step below cocktail attire and can indeed be a fancy pair of designer jeans with dressy heels. Without the trendy holes please!
Unlike a late afternoon or evening wedding suggesting “Formal Attire” is quite specific for women and indeed for men as well. For centuries it meant a longer dress hem such as a ball gown or tea length dress for women. And definitely black tie with a suit jacket or tux for men. Much to my husband’s chagrin.
Think of your “Cocktail Attire” as something dressy, flirty and fun! A time to pull all the plugs out and buy that little black dress you have been eyeing for weeks! Certainly worthy of a fancy celebration! and one you will own for years. Black is always appropriate for any fancy event, and you can always add your own stylish touch with a pair of leopard shoes because every woman needs a little leopard!

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But if you aren’t the dressy little black dress, pumps and pearls kind of gal, there are many other options and still be fancy! These can include whatever length and style of dress you choose as well as the option of wearing a dressy pants outfit.

Here are some ideas:

An embellished dress.

A flowing midi or long skirt, that says cocktail but not formal.

A dressy jumpsuit is very popular today and comes in many looks and styles.

Polished trousers with a pretty top or jacket.

To match these outfits, a chic pair of stylish shoes will add the finishing touch. They don’t have to be sky high stilettos, because don’t forget you are going to be on your feet along time and perhaps on treacherous tuff. But fancy “practical heels or decorative flats will work just as well. Remember, “It’s all about the Shoes!”

And, what about your accessories?

Don’t forget your babbles and matching earrings…and you can never go wrong with pearls!

A simple clutch or mini bag  to carry small beauty touchups is always the perfect choice to accessorize! It won’t fit your iPhone 7 or 8X, but don’t worry, leave your phone at home and let the photographer make the memories!

We hope you have enjoyed our article…and come back soon!

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