Your best friend has just asked you to be her Maid of Honor at her wedding! How exciting for both of you to share her day! So now, where do you begin on attacking the “to do list” you are responsible for as well as keeping your friend on track and CALM! That will be your biggest task!

Maid of Honor...what to do?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

So here is where to begin and what to do next until the wedding day.

  1. Help with her wedding dress decision. This will be up to her to invite you as some brides may only want their Mother. But as you are her BFF, your input might just be the decision maker as she knows you in ways your Mother may never will.
  2. Organize the wedding party. Take the pressure off your BFF and nudge her bridesmaids to order their dresses, shoes and other accessories on time to have any alterations done as well in a timely manner!
  3. Plan a wedding shower! There may be other showers given by family members and relatives, but your shower is unique because it will bring all her bestie’s together for a night or weekend away for a bachlerette party! Don’t think you need to cover everyone’s expenses. The custom is always for her bridesmaids to share the costs and the brides way! Just be sure you plan for the bride’s wedding style theme.
  4. Make a “Bridal Emergency Kit”. This includes all the necessities she might need if her dress rips, her makeup drips or her shoes are too tight. Check out our book on Marrying Later in Life, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or iTunes for a complete listing in our book!
  5. Keep the Grooms’ ring safe. This can be decided between you and the Best Man as to who takes charge. Use your best judgement as to whom will guard it safely.
  6. Organize the Bridesmaids on “The Day”! This would be your duty if a wedding coordinator hasn’t been hired or is on other duties.
  7. Be her BFF. Take all her stress away and assure her everything is going smoothly! Her duty is to just be “The” Beautiful Bride!
  8. Hold the Bouquet. After she arrives on the alter, she will hand her bouquet to you to hold until the vows are exchanged and she is ready to walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs.
  9. Witness and Sign the Marriage Certificate. This is probably your most important duty along with the groom’s Best Man.
  10. Toast the Bride and Groom! It is your turn to roast or toast your BFF at the reception with stories and love.
  11. Prepare her for her Honeymoon. Follow up on everything she might need to have packed before she is whisked away to paradise.
  12. Take charge of the Gifts. Be certain that their wedding gifts are safely transported home.

Maid of Honor...what to do?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

There. You are done! Congratulations on helping to make her day the one she has dreamed of all her life!  Enjoy…and come back soon!

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