So, you have just been asked the question we all hope to hear at least once in our lifetime…Will you marry me? Now comes the Big Decisions to make for your wedding.
So, where do you start making plans before everyone starts asking about all the details?
Such as do you have your dress? Where are you getting married? “When’s the date?
Before you start hyperventilating and having a “bridal breakdown” take a deep breath and relax. We are here to let you know which are the most important decisions we think you should make first!

How would you like to celebrate your special day?
Here is where to start discussing the type and size of your wedding with your fiancé. Do you want just a family wedding with all the aunts, uncles, cousins and kids at your ceremony and reception? Or, a small family wedding and then a large reception to include all your friends?
Or, a small, intimate gathering with just the immediate few? By starting here with the general size of your wedding (50 verses 300) will guide you to make many more decisions easily.

A Basic Budget:
Having a basic budget in mind will allow you to prioritize what is important and where you want to spend your money. Usually the reception including the venue, food and bar tab will be the most expensive. After you decide on a budget the next question will be… “Should we hire a wedding planner?”

The Venue:

What are the Big Decisions to Make after you said Yes!-Marrying-Later-In-Life

This will be another big decision as it will dictate the choice of your wedding dress and many other factors. Once you have an idea of the size of your wedding and the money you can allocate to this portion of your budget, you can start deciding on a ceremony and reception site. Will it be a local venue or a destination venue will also play into your decision.
Your choice will be dictated by the time of year, the location, guest list and then of course their availability.

Choose a Photographer:

What are the Big Decisions to Make after you said Yes!-Marrying-Later-In-Life
They are the hardest to book. If your first choice has already been taken, there are many others to choose from. But it is important to book them early. Start by interviewing several photographers through recommendations and looking at their portfolios along with the budget you have to spend. Depending on where you are getting married, some excellent photographers could be booked up to a year in advance. So, you want to have as many options to choose from as possible. There are many excellent options out there so don’t stress if you don’t get your first choice!

It’s All about your Dress and Shoes:

What are the Big Decisions to Make after you said Yes!-Marrying-Later-In-Life
Although this is always the most exciting part, you can’t be too much in a rush. The venue will determine the style of your wedding and the dress you decide to chose. Don’t be in a rush to pick the first dress you see as especially before you lock in the venue. Once the location is determined you will have a better idea of your budget and the style of the dress you want to

Decisions for Later on:

What are the Big Decisions to Make after you said Yes!-Marrying-Later-In-Life
Deciding on the bigger details such as the venue and photographer will allow you time to make the other smaller decisions to create your complete wedding style. Choosing a wedding coordinator will help you focus on the smaller details and take the stress out of what decision might be next.
The flowers, food, décor, cake and are ideas you can research on Pinterest. The next big step before those are put into place is deciding on the look of your invitations and stationary. This will be the first feature your guests will see when they receive your Save the Date card.
Also, keep in mind when choosing your dress that it may take several months for the final fitting is completed.
Now you are on the way to creating the wedding of your dreams without the stress of where to start the plans! Enjoy… have fun…and come back soon!

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