Bridal Brooches – for the wedding and after.

These make a great accessory for your wedding day.  Not only do they bring some bling to your dress, but they can be taken off and work again on special occasions.  Brooches work great with a hair up-do, a wrap fastener, around your neck with strands of pearls, and so on..</p

bridal brooch

How about for your shoes?  Brooches can make a shoe go from ho-hum to wowza!!

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If you’re not into wearing a brooch, how about on your ring bearer pillow?

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If you wear a brooch on your jacket, wear it on the left side as that is the side that eyes go to when greeting someone with a hand shake.  But check out this picture of multiple brooches embellishing this jacket … so rules don’t apply here!

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bridal brooch
Another great idea!!

A brooch can also be used at the center of your buttoned-up shirt.

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Let us know if you have worn a brooch on your wedding day and if you have worn it since.  Maybe this post will give you a few ideas on how you can wear it after the wedding.


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