brownies for a wedding cake
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Are you a brownie fan?  Not a huge cake lover?  More and more brides and grooms are turning to what they love and not sticking with traditions.  We have seen cupcakes instead of wedding cakes, cake balls and even donuts .. yes I said donuts!   If you and your partner are brownie lovers, then you should have a brownie for dessert at your wedding!

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Let’s start with the different types of brownies.

Plain … but please add some powdered sugar on top

With nuts – walnuts are preferred where I come from .. home …

Cheesecake swirl – now we’re talkin’

Peanut Butter … pieces or chunks … for the peanut butter lover

Brownie with a Cookie Crumble top

Brownies with a Smore twist with roasted marshmellows and graham crackers

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Add me some mint!  A nice layer of mint … yum

If you love cupcakes you can make brownies in cupcake tins!  Get out of town!

Caramel – now you are talking my language!

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How to display

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I like this rustic look with different plates of desserts. If you chose to have different varieties of brownies, you could have this type of layout with each different brownie on a different platter.


I like to place brownies in cupcake holders after slicing, not baking them in the holders.  It’s nice looking and they don’t stick together.  These look like they have been baked in the paper liners and then placed in a few more for a great look –

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So what do you think?  Will you serve brownies instead of traditional cake?

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