Courthouse Weddings!

Getting married at the courthouse can be fun and romantic.  You can dress it up or be a bit casual.  You can have a few family members and friends there. It can be your special big day without the big venue and cost.  So … how do you go about getting married at a courthouse?

First you need to get a marriage license.  Here in California, you can download and complete the application but you must visit the County Clerk’s office together and in person to obtain the license.

When you visit the Clerk’s office you must have –

Full Name
Date of Birth
If either party has been divorced (and the date, if applicable)
Full name of the bride and groom’s parents and their State of birth
Who will be performing the marriage
If desired, the new last name of one or both parties after the marriage
A picture ID (a birth certificate is also recommended)

You no longer have to have a blood test.

Your marriage license is issued immediately and there is no waiting requirement to get married (California – check the state you are in for their rules).  A marriage license is valid for 90 days.

You can get married in any city in California and at any venue.  There is something called a Confidential Marriage Certificate and those are kept confidential from the public.  You must get married in the county this license was obtained.

For more information visit my source –

Also – visit OC Recorder’s office if you are in California

Now, what will you wear?

You can really wear anything you want!  Most brides go for a more casual dress than if getting married in a church, synagogue or other venue.

Here are a few pictures from a beautiful court house wedding photographed by Holly Ireland

Courthouse weddings courthouse weddings

Another beautiful Courthouse wedding album is by Amy Hutchinson Photography

courthouse wedding Courthouse wedding

Here are a hundreds of ideas on Pinterest for Courthouse Wedding Dresses – SO many, I know you’ll find something you like!


Please remember to check your state and county for their set of rules for a courthouse wedding.

Have fun with it and have professional photos taken because it’s your BIG day and why not?!!!


Karen Ezell

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