Reception Table Numbers and Escort Cards can get very creative!

Before we show you some examples of reception table numbers and escort cards, let’s talk about why you have assigned seating at your wedding reception!

If you are having a sit down dinner, you definitely want assigned seating.

First of all, it reduces confusion and frustration on your guests part.  If a few friends want to sit together and they can’t find seats together, it is a frustration.  You want your guests to enjoy themselves!  Sometimes your guests won’t know that many people at your wedding.  Yes, they can make new friends, but it would be more fun for them if they were sitting together.

You don’t want guests feeling like they have to run in and save seats!  And remember to just assign tables, not seats.  Much easier!

Avoid drama.  Aunt Martha and Cousin Todd have been feuding for years, do you really want them sitting together?  Well maybe!  Ha Ha !!  Maybe it would bring their feud to an end!  Who knows?  But, you really don’t want drama at your wedding!

A wedding I went to years ago had assigned seating and I was assigned to a table with people my age.  I went solo (without my husband) to this particular wedding and one of my brothers was at my table.  I’m sure the bride and groom thought that would be great for me, but everyone at the table was either single or had no children.  I sat there, married with three children, kind of bored and feeling like I couldn’t relate to fancy dinners in the city, traveling, etc…  For me, I had just fixed my washing machine and was juggling day care and a part time job!  I made the best of it and joined in the conversation where I could. The bride and groom do their best to assign the seating.  It can be a tough job trying to please everyone!  So, like I did, just make the best of it and sit where you are assigned!

If you have having a casual event with no sit down dinner, you don’t have to worry about assigned seating.  Make sure to have plenty of seats so every guest can find a seat at one time or another.  It can be fun for guests to mingle, walk around and enjoy the party, but everyone likes to have a spot to sit down at.

Now for a few examples of Table Numbers and Escort Cards –

licene plate table marker

table seating numbers

tied the knot

table seating map

table numbers for a wedding reception

table marker with a succulent

succulent escort cards

rustic wood table marker

number table number idea

number in the floral arrangement table marker

License Plate Table Marker

escort cards

drink escort cards

Classic number table marker

candy escort cards

burlap table number idea

This one is cute of the newly married couple as children.  Every table would have different photos!

bride and groom table markers

So there you have it!  Lots of ideas for your wedding reception table numbers and escort cards!  Fancy, Casual, Creative, Simple, Stylish, and Unique!

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