Building a fulfilling and healthy relationship can make you feel happy and healthy with your life. Having a partner you can count on through thick and thin, the often everyday challenges life presents to all of us. So what are some dating do’s and dont’s?
Meeting someone and having a romantic relationship with them and hoping it will develop into something more isn’t just about receiving flowers, jewelry or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day!
Successful relationships in the long run are not just about unending romantic love. There is a stronger, deeper love in a committed relationship. A solid, healthy partnership requires honest communication, respect for each other and each other’s values, as well as a strong bond of trust from both of you.

Dating Do's and Dont's-Marrying-Later-In-Life When you first begin a relationship the most important aspect is to always be yourself from the very beginning. Pretending to be someone you think the other person wants you to be will never last, and will end up destroying the fabric of your relationship.
So, when you begin to date someone who you feel a strong connection to, avoid stalking them, always wanting to please them or suffocating them by always wanting to be together or keeping your real feelings bottled up for fear they won’t like you. Those qualities make for a very dishonest you, thus not creating the foundation for a strong marriage down the road.
These simple destructive habits could make the start of a great relationship take a turn for the worse.
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