You’re a pet lover. you have ALWAYS had a pet in your life be it a cat or a dog .. or maybe both!  You meet a really nice guy (or girl) and they are allergic to your pet! What can you do?  What will you do?

… is this a DEAL BREAKER?


Would you end a new relationship if you could never have a pet in your life?  What if you already own a pet and you would have to find a new home for it?  Would you do that?

When I grew up, we never owned a dog, but we always, and I mean always, had cats.  My brother then had a couple of cats as an adult.  He then met and fell in love with his now wife, and he had to find a new home for his cats.  I think she took allergy meds for a while but that can be tough, make you tired and not the most desirable thing you want to do the rest of your life.  Her allergies have now subsided and they have had a dog and a cat or two and she’s been fine.  So, it could mean you have to go without a pet for some years and hope the allergy symptoms of your partner get better.  You could hope!!

We have a friend who is allergic and when he comes over (and if he hasn’t taken an allergy pill), he starts having trouble breathing and his eyes water.  Our little dog loves to jump in his lap.  We tell him to get down but our friend loves him .. and I guess probably hates him … in a nice hate way, the allergic way ..    If my husband pets our cat Rudy and then touches his eyes he suffers with red itchy eyes!  Some allergic reactions can be pretty bad and you would wish that on anyone.

Things you can do to help this situation –

Keep your house vacuumed and cleaned – this will remove the pet dander.
Shampoo your dog on a weekly basis or for a cat use a pet wipe to help reduce the dander.
Wash your hands after petting your pet.
Feed your pet high quality food, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  These will help your pet have healthy skin and this reduces the amount of shedding and dander.
One thing that might work is to make certain rooms in your house “pet-free”.  This is easier said then done .. I know you’re already thinking this would be impossible, but you might be willing to do the impossible for the one you love.
I always have throw blankets covering the areas my pets love to sleep.  I change these often.

To many people their pets are like their children, so hopefully if you’re out their looking for a relationship, you find someone who has the same pet loves as you do or can live with them!

We would love to hear your pet – allergy – relationship story and feature it on our blog!  Leave us a comment or send your story to!

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