So, you’ve decided to wear a vintage wedding dress for your wedding.  You’ve seen pictures of some dresses you like, and now all you have to do is find the dress!  How do you go about doing this?  How do you find the perfect vintage wedding dress.

1. Consignment Stores

Consignment stores carry clothing that are “used” … or some say “gently worn” and they might have vintage wedding dresses.  I just searched “consignment clothing stores that carry wedding dresses” and three stores came up.  One consignment store had a bridal section with a large selection of gowns.

One store that came up was a site called Tradesy – where you can list your “authentic, designer fashion” clothing or accessories.  They have a Vintage section in the dress category.

Here are a few of their listings –

Kari Chang Eternal Wedding Dress
This is a “Kari Chang Eternal” priced at $447

Vintage Wedding Dress
This is a “Claire Pettibone” dress priced at $1,400

Vintage Wedding Dress
This is a “Anna Sui” priced at $225

Now these dresses are by designers in the present day.  Let’s say you want to find an authentic vintage dress.  One from many, many years ago.  How do you find the “real” deal?  Consignment stores may get one in stock.  I would call around and inquire if they have something like that in their inventory and if they don’t, ask if they will take your name and let you know when something like that comes in.

2. Etsy has many authentic vintage wedding dresses for sale.

vintage wedding dress
This is a vintage 1940’s wedding dress listed by This Blue Bird for $659

vintage wedding dress
If you want to stay in the 70’s and 80’s, here is a Pricilla of Boston dress listed by Miranda’s Bridal for $365

vintage wedding dress
This is a beautiful 1950’s dress “delicate lace vintage tea length wedding dress” listed by LMD Vintage for $239

When you are searching Etsy for a dress, make sure to mark the “Vintage” choice as Etsy sells Handmade items as well.

Also, you can contact the sellers on Etsy.  They might be able to locate a dress for you.

buying a vintage wedding dress on etsy


4. Ebay

Ebay is another source for your vintage wedding dress hunt.  Searching for “Vintage Wedding Dresses” came back with 7,610 listings!  Yikes!  You can always narrow your search results by choosing categories they give you – Size, Designer/Brand, Sleeve Style, Color, Neckline, Silhouette, Material, Condition, Price, etc…

Some photos on Ebay might not be what you will find on other sites, but you can use your imagination ..

searching for a vintage wedding gown1940's wedding dress
This is a vintage 1940’s lace wedding dress with a But It Now price of $81

Ebay allows sellers to offer a Buy It Now price instead or along with an auction bid amount.

Here is another dress currently on Ebay –

vintage wedding dress vintage wedding dress
This is an Antique vintage WWII 1940’s Ivory Satin Wedding Gown, Buy It Now price of $89.00

5.  Estate Sales

How about an Estate Sale?  I personally, would not waste my time going to an estate sale or many estate sales searching for a dress.  Since you have Etsy, Ebay and Consignment stores to choose from, it would be very time consuming with, I believe, little success searching Estate Sales.  I would though, contact estate sale management companies and ask if they know of an upcoming estate sale selling a wedding dress.  You never know, you might get lucky!

How about searching estate sales online?  Yep .. here is one company doing just that –   What they do is, they go out to estate sales, take photos, catalog everything, put the items online for sale and they ship them.  You will get a portion of the proceeds.  See their website for all of the nitty gritty details.

I just searched “Vintage Wedding Dress” on their site and got a few results.  First off thought, they show you all of the listings as well as ones that have ended.  So first thing, click on “Active Items” to get a “real search result”.  They had nothing listed at the time of writing this blog post, but under “ended items”, they had a lot listed.

Here is one of their listings –

vintage wedding dress
This dress sold for $47

vintage wedding gown
This dress, a vintage Cahill of Beverly Hills, sold for $56

So .. this might be a great place to check out and try and find a dress!

I hope this post has given you some resources in searching for and hopefully finding the vintage wedding dress of your dreams!


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