Christmas is over, New Years was celebrated and now it’s time to get life back in order.  The first thing I did was to take down Christmas.  Taking the ornaments one-by-one, wrapping them and packing them away until next year.  Taking the tree outside.  Wow, it’s not as dry as I thought it was!  Next packing away all of the decorations around the house.  Boy, there are a lot of them!  After I packed and put the bins away, I then saw one more Christmas decoration!  That happens to me every year, despite how hard I take that double or triple look around the house!  Next, I start bringing out all of your regular home décor that was packed away for Christmas.  Maybe put less out … less is better right?

We had company for the holidays this year and after I deflated the blow up mattress and looked at that empty space, I decided it was time to shampoo the carpet!  Having a personal carpet cleaner is the best!!  Boy, doesn’t it feel good to clean up, get the laundry done and get your life back in order?  “In order” equals the way it was before Thanksgiving .. or should I say Halloween?!!

New Year Resolutions

Do I make them?  Of course!  I think the majority of people do.  “A New Year has started so I need to make it better than the last year.  I need to eat better, exercise more and lose some weight.  If you are in the market for an exercise bike or treadmill, you might want to wait a few months when people start selling theirs .. sorry … but they just cancelled their New Year’s Resolution!  My biggest New Year Resolutions?  To be a healthier person which means to run, and I mean run, down that chip aisle!  My weakness for sure!!

At 58 years YOUNG and with a bum knee (knee replacement in my future) it can sometimes seem daunting to exercise.  Walking hurts, some yoga moves hurt, but there are a lot of exercises I can do that don’t use my knee … or are at least easier on it.  I just have to get up earlier each day and put my mind to working out!  What do they say?  Six weeks of doing something every day makes a habit.  I need some new habits!!

How about that pile of paperwork?  Or, that pile of old magazines to go through?  I love getting magazines and love the articles, but sometimes they just pile up!

Here are a few lists that will help you and I get off to a good start this New Year!

10 Best Organizational Habits

  1. Make Lists
  2. Declutter
  3. Put things away
  4. Back up your computer
  5. Organizes your photos – from your phone to your computer
  6. File on a monthly basis
  7. Buying something new?  Donate something.
  8. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  9. Create a cleaning schedule
  10. Ask for help – don’t do everything yourself

10 Best Foods to Detox Your Body

  1. Green Tea
  2. Fruit
  3. Garlic
  4. Green Foods
  5. Walnuts
  6. Hibiscus Tea
  7. Lemon Water
  8. Salmon
  9. Sweet Potatoes
  10. Avocados



10 Ways To Make Exercise Happen

  1. Set a time and stitck to it.
  2. Start out small .. baby steps
  3. Make sure your workout clothes are clean!
  4. Get a Fitbit or other fit watch that has move reminders!
  5. Schedule different exercise routines so you don’t get bored.
  6. Get up and move every hour
  7. Don’t just sit and watch TV, get some dumb bells and work out while you watch!
  8. Print out your exercises and have a check off sheet.
  9. Find a work out buddy.
  10. Reward yourself for a job well done .. and not with a bowl of ice cream!


Please share your top New Years Resolution and if you are sticking to it!

Happy New Year Everyone!


\\Karen Ezell

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