A dog is a man and woman’s best friend!  They are your fur babies.  They are a part of the family.  You find it hard to leave home without them and so on the day of your wedding you bring them with you and make them a part of the big day.  Two ways to go about this … in the wedding and/or on the cake.  Well, not literally “on” the cake, but their likeness on your cake!  Check out some great ideas from the dogs in the frosting, on the cake topper or in the ceremony!!

When you have your dog in your wedding, you can have him or her walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids or sit up with the groomsmen.

have your furry friend in the wedding

having your dog in the wedding

best friend in the wedding

Here are some good tips to remember when having your dog in the wedding,

Have realistic expectations of how your dog will behave.  Mine would be a nutcase and there is no way he could be a part of that big day unless he was on my lap the entire time or guarding me and he is just a little Chihuahua MinPin … that explains it!   Make sure to hire a pet sitter for that day.  You want your pet to be comfortable and he or she might not be feel safe away from you and around a lot of people (strangers).  Also, don’t put that task on someone who is enjoying your wedding day!  Check with your venue and make sure they will allow pets. You might want to make sure your furry friend doesn’t eat any unusual food in the days leading up to the wedding so you don’t have any surprises down the aisle!  You wouldn’t want that in the photos!!  ha ha …  For more advice, follow this link!

Have you had your dog in a wedding before?  Send us a photo!!  We’d love to see how you made your furry friend part of your big day!!


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