The importance of similar values should be thoroughly discussed before you walk down the aisle! It is the cornerstone to successful marriages.

Hello again and cheers to the start of the best part of the year…fall! As Ernest Hemingway would say…’And most of all they loved the fall!”

Today we will talk about respecting your husband’s values. It is best to understand these qualities in the man you are about to marry as they will likely never change.

As a partner, you don’t have to accept them, but you do need to know and recognize most values are ingrained and are the core of who we are as human beings. Some values come from our family, some from our experience in society through our work, social lives and community involvement and endeavors. Political and religious beliefs are two of the strongest problematic areas in a marriage. If they are not discussed and agreed upon to support each other’s differences, it could begin to tear apart your relationship bit by bit.

So, before you decide to consummate the relationship with marriage, be certain each other core values are discussed, accepted and respected.

My husband and I have a few differences, but I know they are not worth bringing up to discuss as nothing will change each of our beliefs. What will change and blossom will be an ongoing disagreement.

Mary Matlin and James Carville have certainly managed to respect each other’s opinion in politics!


Instead of: I would rather avoid a discussion.

Try: Walking up to your darling and wrapping your arms around him whispering “Darling, you know how much I love you to pieces.”

It’s been our secret…and now yours!

Enjoy! Let us know how you relate in your relationship and come back soon!

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