This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our community of readers. How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress for your age? As a modern bride marrying for the first time or again, there are no rules to follow but only guidelines when choosing a wedding dress.

Whether you want to be a princess bride…

or keep it elegant, classy and simple, as a  bride, you can be stunning at any age! Look at the celebrity brides today such as  Jennifer Anniston.

Above all, a few thoughts to consider are to be comfortable in what you choose and to feel like a special bride when you walk down the aisle towards your “Mr. Wonderful”!

Popular Wedding Dress Colors:

With the exception of first time brides who may want to walk down the aisle in a flowing white dress even at 50, modern brides are shifting away from traditional white gowns and instead choosing dresses in warmer color shades of pink, ivory, champagne, and blush. I chose a pale yellow dress from Richard Tyler when I was married and decided to add a veil and a bustle.

Some brides will chose to add a pop of color or drama to their wedding dress whether it be a sash, a sparkle, or a  fascinator. They also may want to tie a color in to coordinate with their bridesmaids dresses.

Our advice to you is don’t let your friends and dress stores talk you out of the dress of your dreams. You don’t need to be boring and frumpy because of your age!

The Beauty of Lace:

Adding a bit of lace to your wedding dress or choosing a dress all in lace, adds a touch of simplicity and elegance to your wedding style. Marsha chose a beautiful lace gown from Claire Pettibone who custom made several changes to the style to address her body image concerns.

A Proper Fit:

“The most important detail a modern bride should pay attention to is her silhouette in the dress.  There are some dress styles that will truly complement your body, no matter what size you are. An A-line design or mermaid-style wedding gowns will hide a multitude of body shapes and sizes. From very thin to Plus size dresses. Bottom line is your dress should fit beautifully!

It’s all about the Sleeves:

A modern bride marrying again wants a sophisticated look rather than a matronly one. The word “mature” is often a turn off for many women and men as it might remind you of your grandmother years ago. Opting for wedding dresses with capped sleeves, long lace sleeves or low cut or open backed looks all solicit an elegant, sophisticated and age appropriate look. If the dress you choose doesn’t have sleeves and you are self conscious about your arms, selecting a bolero jacket, shrug or having your designer add three quarter sleeves will solve the problem. The last thing you want to worry about is feeling self conscious in your dress when walking down the aisle.

 Simple is Elegant:

Now, the big question is…what style would you like to wear walking down the aisle? A princess dress if you have never been a bride before? Or something more sophisticated and modern eliminating a bustle, a long train, ball gown, cathedral veil or flashy embellishments. Ultimately, you want to feel like a bride, beautiful, elegant and comfortable in your wedding style!

How to find the Perfect Wedding Dress-Marrying-Later-In-Life

These are just a few of our wedding dress style tips to share. Check our website for more ideas as well as our Pinterest page. And…come back soon!

What is your Wedding Dress Style?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

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