We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving…

I know I have spoken a lot about loving over the last few months, but it is a feeling that impacts everyone’s lives daily. The amount given or not can impact each and every one of our feelings.

How do you feel when someone says “I love you?” Do you stop and reflect on what emotions and feelings run through your body and mind? Often times probably not, unless you are a truly connected couple. The reason why? We are moving onto our next engagement.
However, taking the time to reflect on the warmth of the feeling only makes the impact and connection stronger between the two of you.
Do you feel a warmth in your body from that simple hug? Of course you do. There is safety and security in a hug from someone you love and respect.

As your relationship grows into one that is solid and leading towards marriage, there are many qualities you need to look for to build your relationship and make it stronger as the days and years go by. It will wither and die if attention isn’t paid to the important silent ways a couple can share their love. A hug and of course a kiss are solidifiers for a strong relationship…

Have you hugged someone today?

Try it out…and please come back soon!

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