As I look at my Pinterest feed I always come across some use for pallets – wall hangings, planters, pallet art.  You name it and you can do it with a pallet!  Today we’re here to talk about Pallet Ideas for Your Wedding!!
Here are a few that I love –


There are a lot of options for this one.  This one was really cute.  I love the lettering!

pallet ideas for your wedding
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The one below is pretty rustic, but cute!  You can do SO much with pallets!!

How cute to use a pallet to put up photos of the couple!!  You could also do this for a birthday party or anniversary party!  This wood sign has been made with pallets taken apart and then put back together with no breaks.  Pretty cute!

pallet ideas for your wedding

Here is a fun idea for a wedding gift – You can find it on Etsy –

via Etsy itsoveryonder shop

A nice gift for your wife or husband!!

via Etsy and AllMyGoodness shop

Here is another idea similar to one above – You could hang photos of the couple or poems, cards, mementos, etc…


Ready to create a sign for your wedding or event or just because?  Here area  few How-To’s –

Click here for How-To

Here is a short video giving you an easy option. I’ve used this option printing out my letters and it worked really well!

Pallets can be found at large retail home improvement stores around the back.  Just ask a manager if it’s okay to take a pallet.

Make sure to seal your work with a top coat of a sealer.  You can find these at any craft store.

Find most of the above images on our Pinterest board – DIY Ideas!


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