Is there a special flower that must be added to a Royal Wedding Bouquet? Who doesn’t love to follow the British royalty, their lives, their marriages and their scandals! Today the news is all about Harry and Megan getting engaged and soon to be married in the spring. What are the flowers she will carry in her bridal bouquet and what other details comprise planning a royal wedding? Months and months of making decisions, buying a dress and deciding on their bridal party are all routine decisions, every couple makes before walking down the aisle. But are there any other customs, traditions and protocols the royal family needs to know and follow? Yes, there are many, and we have decided to share one interesting one with you and it’s history.

How to make a Royal Wedding Bouquet

There is a tradition in all weddings for every bride to carry a bouquet of flowers in her hand down the aisle. At the end of her journey, she will hand over the bouquet to her maid of honor as she takes her fiancé’s hand in marriage. Many brides choose their bridal bouquets based on their wedding color s or favorite flowers. How is a Royal Wedding bouquet different?

Usually there is symbolism behind each royal wedding tradition. One such tradition is the inclusion of the flower myrtle into the bridal bouquet. Now that we have peaked your curiosity you may ask why?

How to make a Royal Wedding Bouquet

Every royal bride carries a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet as part of a tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria’s reign when her daughter (also named Victoria) carried the first sprig of myrtle from her mother’s garden as she walked down the aisle to be wed. Since that time, each royal bride has carried a sprig from the bush to bring good luck and prosperity in the royal marriage.

The myrtle flower is typically white and symbolizes love, innocence, purity and truth. Similar to a brides dress color of white.There are only two species of the myrtle flower. But there are several others plants, such a crape myrtle, that carry the name but they are not true myrtle.

In Greek mythology, Venus, the goddess of love, hid behind a myrtle tree to hide her nakedness, which she was embarrassed to show. She then adopted the tree as her favorite and it was thought to insure lasting love.

What Does the Myrtle Flower Mean? It is similar across culture cultures and across the centuries. It typically means:
Good Luck in Love in Marriage
Marital Fidelity
Good Luck and Prosperity.

Maybe as brides we should all think about adding a sprig of myrtle to our bridal bouquet! Let us know what you think and if you have added a touch of myrtle to your bridal bouquet like the royal bridal bouquet!

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