Should you wear gloves?  Will they go with your dress?  Here are some ideas and suggestions about wearing gloves with your wedding dress!

Are you wearing a formal dress?  If you are and your dress is sleeveless, an elbow-length glove could be worn and look beautiful and elegant.  You could wear a silk glove or a lace glove depending on your look.

More casual wedding and you want to wear gloves?  No worries as there are many choices out there for gloves for the more casual look.

Fingerless gloves?  These can be the way to go as you don’t have to take them off when exchanging rings and you can wear them all night or day long.  They make long gloves as well as short gloves fingerless.

These gloves can be found on Etsy in Rare Rags and Treasures Shop

Do’s and Don’ts –

There are some do’s and don’ts about wearing gloves.

Do practice – When you exchange the rings, you will need to remove your glove.  Practice removing your glove beforehand and make sure it is easy for you to take off your glove.  The last thing you need is a glove that seems stuck and having that awkward moment during your ceremony.

Don’t worry that the gloves are an exact match to your dress.  If they are a shade off, that is fine.

Do take them off at the reception.  If you’re wearing gloves that had to be taken off when exchanging the rings, you will just want to take off both gloves for the remainder of the evening.  This is one reason some brides wear fingerless gloves.



Sizing for gloves can be tricky, so I found this great size chart on Ebay

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Find these fingerless bridal gloves on Etsy in Alice Closet

You can wedding gloves ALL over the web!  I like to find as many things as possible on Etsy as Etsy supports designers, crafters and vintage sellers.  The gloves below are all from Etsy and there are links to the sellers below each image.

There are so many different looks from elegant, dressy, casual, vintage!  Have fun finding gloves that match your style and dress for your wedding!  Have fun with it and show your unique style!


Karen Ezell

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