Succulents are a great choice for your wedding day!  They are in season year long (in most areas), they don’t wilt, they stand up to the going-ons of the day, and they look nice in a bouquet, on the table or as a wedding favor!

bird bath planted with succulentsI first bought succulents 32-33 years ago!  I loved plants and would go down to a nursery in Ventura, CA where you could find a large variety of succulents.  Back in the day, you had to really search for a selection.  Now, you can find a good selection at your big box home improvement stores as well as nursery’s everywhere!  There are a few here in Southern California / San Diego area that specialize in succulents and mini-succulents.  And … because I have been a lover of succulents for … forever … I am part of a “Succulent Fanatic” group on Facebook!  It’s fun to see the succulents other people have, how they plant them, display them, etc..  You get lots of ideas!  I just planted my bird bath with succulents!  Here in California we are in drought mode and they just put a notice out, no emptying or refilling of pools and ponds and I thought it is a waste of water to keep filling a bird bath, even though it is small.  It will fill in nicely after my cuttings start growing and look beautiful!

If you love succulents, you are probably incorporating them in your wedding day.  In a bouquet, boutonniere, wedding favor, or centerpieces on the table.  Here are a few ideas for your special day!


succulent wedding invitation

bouquets with succulents

succulent boutonniere and hair pieces for a wedding

succulent centerpieces for your wedding

succulent wedding favors

succulent wedding favors

If you would like to make your favors yourself and can’t find a local source, here is a great source on Etsy – The Succulent Source  They even have an area of their store dedicated to Weddings.

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