What is a Mermaid Wedding Dress?  It is a style of evening gown that fits closely, and I mean closely, to the body from the upper torso to the hips and then flares out to the floor, like a fishtail … hence the Mermaid Dress.

Another term for this look is the Mermaid Silhouette.  Same definition – tightly hugging the curves of your body and then flaring out at the bottom.

The Mermaid Wedding dress became popular in the 1980’s and you could even sew one yourself –

This pattern is from the 1980’s and can be found on Etsy

It’s funny, if you look at wedding dresses through history, the Mermaid Wedding dress is popular in 2000-2009, but I know my Sister-in-Law wore one in the 80’s and my Mother-in-Law made it.  It was gorgeous!  She must have been ahead of her time!

Here is a bride photo from appx. 1986 –  I think that the dresses have just gotten a bit more revealing and a bit tighter, what do you think?

Check out this video of wedding dresses through history – fun to watch!

This video ends with 2015 … so the Mermaid Wedding Dress doesn’t even make an appearance!

This style of gown is now coming back with beadwork and jeweled accents being popular.  If you choose this style, I’m sure you will rock it!


Karen Ezell

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