Thoughfulness – What is being thoughtful?


  1.  The state of being absorbed in thought – “his face became strange with thoughtfulness”
  2. Consideration for the needs of other people – “her generosity and thoughtfulness was unbounded”

Being thoughtful comes easy to some people, others need a list.  When I think about being thoughtful I think of doing things that are nice, things showing someone you are thinking and caring about them and something that is unexpected.

Give a back rub when they least expect it and they haven’t had to ask for one. I need to do this more often!

Send someone a card, yes an actual card, that gets delivered to their mailbox.  It could be a “Thinking of You” card or a Holiday card.

Put away your phone for the entire meal!  Put it in your pocket or purse and set it on silent!  Don’t even look at it when you feel it vibrating.  What’s more important, the person you are with or the phone?

Do a chore for someone and don’t make a big deal about it, just do it and stay quiet.

Check in on someone who’s been sick or had surgery.  Check in once a week for a month.  Offer to do household chores, grocery shopping etc…

Take a neighbor cookies (store bought are okay too)

Slow down when driving and let that person in front of you … you’ve seen their blinker on … let them in

Give someone a compliment.

If you have a friend who is going through a rough time, send them a little gift or card to cheer them up.

Put some thought into a gift.  (I lack on this one)  Get a person a gift they will really like, something that you’ve done your homework on and found out they want.

If you’ve wanted to be more thoughtful and don’t know how to start, one way is to get a pocket calendar or use the calendar on your phone and save Birthdays, Anniversary’s and other important dates to the calendar.  Check a month ahead to see what is coming up and make sure you get a card in the mail on time.

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