Now that you’ve found the perfect Vintage Wedding Dress (See our earlier post), now it’s time for vintage hair accessories!

ac – ces – so – ry  – noun – a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

That’s what you will be doing, making yourself even MORE attractive on your wedding day with a beautiful vintage hair accessory.

Will you have your hair swept back with a beautiful vintage comb?  Or will you wear a hat or small veil?  I found SO many beautiful options and I gathered them up to give you some ideas for your wedding!

Wedding Hair Combs – here are a few different hair combs –

vintage hair comb 8vintage hair comb 7vintage hair comb 6vintage hair comb 5vintage hair comb 4vintage hair comb 3vintage hair comb 1vintage hair comb 2a

A little history of the decorative hair comb –

In the Western world, decorative hair combs became necessary objects in the 1800s, when women grew their hair long but always wore it in a pile on top of their heads. Victorian and Edwardian hair combs were produced from ivory, precious metals, pewter, aluminum, brass, tortoise, amber, coral, jet, bone, horn, gutta-percha, and wood. In the 1920s and ’30s, short bob haircuts were adorned by Art Deco, Bakelite hair combs accented with rhinestones, beads, feathers, and enamel and filigree artwork. René Lalique even designed a beautiful dragonfly hair comb. source – collectorsweekly

Mixing new with some old, here are some ideas for a hat, some with veils.  

vintage wedding veilvintage hair accessory 16vintage hair accessory 15vintage hair accessory 14vintage hair accessory 12vintage hair accessory 11wedding hat 1vintage hair accessory 10vintage hair accessory 8vintage hair accessory 7vintage hair accessory 6vintage hair accessory 5vintage bridevintage hair accessory 4vintage hair accessory 3vintage hair accessory 2vintage hair accessory 1vintage bridal hat 1

(Did you find Grace Kelly?)

Wearing a hat can bring on “hat hair”, so decide if you will wear the hat throughout your wedding and reception or changing it out for something else.

When shopping for vintage hair accessories, you will most likely land on Pinterest and that could lead you to Etsy.  I always find so many vintage items on Etsy.  Also for Vintage wedding hats, Etsy has over 6,200 results!

Try these search terms – “Wedding Hats”,  “Wedding Hair Combs”, “Fascinator Hats For A Wedding”, “Fascinator Hats”.  You will find many, many choices!

To end our blog post today, here are a few vintage wedding magazine covers! Aren’t they great?!

Vintage Wedding Magazine 5 Vintage Wedding Magazine 4 Vintage Wedding Magazine 3 Vintage Wedding Magazine 2 Vintage Wedding Magazine 1


Please share your ideas and photos with us if you are having a “Vintage” wedding!


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