What are the newest Wedding Trends to look for in 2017? The calendar for 2016 hasn’t yet flipped over but if you are a newly engaged bride you are probably already enmeshed in planning your wedding details! So here are some of the latest wedding predictions for the coming year.
The Wedding Dress:
Next year might bring on a change for brides not wanting to wear the timeless and traditional white wedding gown. Instead you might want to choose a pale pastel in soft shades of blush pink, yellow or purple. If you are an older bride and already have worn the Princess style for an earlier marriage, you might want to showcase your own wedding dress style in another shade.

Wedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LifeWedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Dresses with texture that are multi-dimensional will add a chic modern touch to next year’s  wedding dress trend. Similar to Cate Blanchett’s elegantly crafted Armani Privé on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards. Floral embellishments, wispy feathers and hand-sewn beading will adorn even the simplest of wedding gowns.

Wedding Dress Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LIfeWedding Dress Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Two-piece bridal gowns will continue to be popular in the coming year through the spring and summer as temperatures begin to heat up. Choose a skirt that sits high on the hips with a classy and conservative top. Showing off a little sliver of your abdomen is ok, if you are young and slim enough to bare some skin!

Wedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LifeWedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Then there is the more casual look with rustic country weddings!

Wedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-Life
Beachy bohemian and vintage styles will be big in the coming year. Imagine a relaxed, flowing lacey, drapey off-the-shoulder fabric details and high-low styles. Flower crowns will be replaced by crown ones.

Wedding Dress Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

As sexy never goes out of style there will be more dramatic plunging necklines as well as thigh high Angelina-inspired slits down the sides of wedding gowns. However, Duchess Kate started a trend when she married by returning to a more traditional style with her long-sleeved fluffy, layered A-line shape. Perfect for a bride marrying later in life!

Wedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LifeWedding Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Then there always an edgy touch for certain brides whether it be the gothic trend or maybe…no dress at all or…barely one! Elegantly appointed pants or a craftily “caped” jumpsuit will add a modern edge.

The Groom:

Some brides especially in the Asian culture opt for multiple dresses. In this case, why shouldn’t your groom fashion his own personal style with several wedding day looks? A few adventurous, fashion forward grooms will opt for the wardrobe change in 2017.

Wedding Dress Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

As a classic dark tuxedo is most often ideal for the ceremony, grooms can decide to dress down  for the reception, choosing a more casual cream jacket or a trendy pop of color like steel blue or a deep marsala.

Accessories have long served as a great way for your groom to add to his own personal style without disturbing the tradition of the classic wedding tux.

Wedding Dress Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Shoes, socks, cufflinks and pocket squares have always been the gold standard for showing off a groom’s attire.

Wedding Dress Trends 2017-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

And now for 2017 the lapel pin will be the newest accessory to add to your groom’s attire.  It will be the biggest change to replace the boutonniere on lapels for every groom’s style!

Wedding Dress Trends 2017

Let us know what changes you are making to your wedding style next year…and come back soon!

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