Do you both have to like or do the same things that make a happy couple? What are those secrets of happy couples through the years? No, you don’t have to both absolutely love watching sports at the local bar, drink beer together or go out to the movies every weekend to be in a gratifying relationship. How do some couples have never ending times when they can’t get enough of each other? What are their secrets? They might not even realize it, but here are some simple things they do without realizing it!
You Listen to Each Other
Sometimes we get so busy in our daily life we forget the insignificant moments of listening to what our partner has to share with us. Whether it’s listening to a work related incident that needs to be vented, an existential conversation about Einstein’s theory of relativity, string theory, happy couples take the time to listen to each other. They really listen often emphasizing and asking questions no matter what the topic is!
You Respect Each Other
Respect is a big word. Aretha Franklin was on to something when she sang her most popular song “Respect.” Couples who are happy together aren’t just happy because they’re just in love. Instead it is because each respects the other for who they are as human beings.
You know your partner’s “Love Buttons”

Most couples experience and show their love differently. Adding your own special way of displaying your love towards each other will keep the fires burning from the daily hum drum of commitments and obligations. Whether it’s making your darling a cup of coffee in the morning, writing little notes here and there to let them know they are special, or just talking or cuddling are simple ways to express your love. If you haven’t already, find out what will make your partner’s day…and do it!
You See Things from your partner’s View
Step out of your own viewpoint at times and take a few steps in your partner’s shoes to see their perspective about an argument. It is much less stressful than throwing a panic attack and raising your voice to a double octave to get your point across.
You Spend Time Apart
Remember the old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow stronger?” Well tis true. Taking a little break from each other such as just going out with the girls, scheduling a massage or other beauty treatment, a visit to the family out of town are simple ways to rediscover your own “me time,” and recharge your energy!

Secrets of Happy Couples-Marrying-Later-In-Life

You Sacrifice

Yes, compromise is the name if the game in relationships. So sacrificing your idea of a great evening going to the latest flick when your partner is dying to try the new trendy restaurant in town shows that you can give and take for the sake of keeping your partner happy!

You have your own Friends
While having a bunch of mutual friends is great, couples who have their own set of friends establish a sense of self and independence outside the relationship. Being needy in a relationship is the first sign of doom and gloom ahead.
You play by your own Rules

The old adage, “never go to bed angry”, doesn’t always apply to every couple. You might be one who need to think about a heated argument before responding. Once you understand each other’s way of addressing a situation, you are better off as a couple to know the value of time and place about when to discuss difficult subjects.
Let us know what you do to keep your relationship steady and in love! And, come back soon!

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