What attracts you to want to date someone? Are there physical signs you look for in a mate or other personal attributes? Qualities of kindness, manners or feelings of trust might actually play more in your decision to connect with someone than you think. They are values that go beyond someone’s looks but speak to core values of each of you that will last for a lifetime.

This attraction has always been an intriguing question for many singles and couples alike. What features attract us to someone else? What qualities interest you to want to find out more about a person? What charms a male to a certain female and then vice versa, a woman to the right man?
Have you ever felt when conversing with someone new there is an unexplained connection that they understand you even though there is no explanation or proof?

Researchers have long wondered what men and women find attractive to each other? For women, do you look for signs of good health, such as symmetrical features with strong jaws that show the man has energy and power to spare? For men on the other hand, do you look for evidence of fertility, indicating how the hormones estrogen and testosterone have on faces such as full lips and on sexual organs for reproduction?

Of course many other factors also come into play such as a person’s height, religion and politics. The later might be more true today with our contentious environment. We tend to wind up with someone more like ourselves than chance would have it. Deep rooted values and backgrounds play more a part then often imagined.

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It is interesting, although there isn’t confirmed evidence that you experience the greatest attraction to a particular man or woman because there seemed to be an innate sense he/she would understand you and you could discuss personal problems without fear of being exposed or ridiculed. That there is an innate feeling of trust.
Although this may not always be true, it is something for you to ponder as you meet and then date. It also applies to friendships. Don’t you often feel a comfort sign in a crowd of people you don’t know, finding a connection with someone who just feels trustworthy to build a friendship?

What attracts you to find the right partner to date and marry? Let us know and please…come back soon!

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