There is always so much fun in planning your wedding but what do your guests care most about when coming to your wedding? It is such an exciting time and we must admit it does have a little stress along with it!

We created this guide to help you understand what guests truly care about when they will be attending your wedding. With these valuable tips you can focus on creating the most important areas when planning your wedding. Especially if you are on a budget.
When in doubt, take a deep breath, take a little of our advice, and above all else, remain calm!

This is what matters to your guests the most-seeing you profess your love for each other and be joined in wedded bliss. The one piece of advice we have heard from guests is to keep your ceremony short and sweet and not have them sitting for hours.

What do Guests care about Most?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

A unique venue is something your guests care about. If you are planning a destination wedding give them as much information months in advance with a Save the Date card. This will allow them to plan accordingly with airfare and accommodations.
Your choice of venue will be dictated by the time of year you choose. It is just common sense. Be smart and don’t plan an outdoor wedding when the temperatures are at their peak in temperature and humidity. This is especially important for you as the bride, to not be a wilted flower before you even reach your groom!
During the fall and winter months when temperatures may be chilly, choose an indoor venue to eliminate inclement weather changes.
The most important conclusion in your venue decision is choosing somewhere unique as opposed to the usual ballroom venue #5.

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Deciding on what food you are going to serve will depend on the time of day and style of wedding you are planning. Casual, rustic, formal, bohemian wedding styles will all determine your menu choices. Sit down, buffet or food stations should all be considered. Having your guests enjoy a delicious, decadent meal with family and friends is a treat for guests. Be certain your food choices are crowd pleasers and not esoteric choices enjoyed by a few. A fabulous meal will certainly keep your guests happy and a bad one could really bring down the mood. Always offer alternative food choices for vegetarians or those with common allergies, like gluten and nuts.

What do Guests care about Most?-Marrying-Later-In-Life


Weddings are always celebrations and your choice of drinks will match your budget. Waiving the fully stocked bar in favor of Champagne, wine, beer and one or two specialty cocktails will keep guests celebrating all night long.
Remember to stock enough of everything because there is nothing wedding guests hate more than the bar running dry when they are having a good time!

What do Guests care about Most?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

Your choice of entertainment will impact setting the mood and evening for your guests. Keep your music selections going strong from the first arrivals through the last dance. Select a majority of music that will appeal to cross generations to listing a few for your grandparents. Go for for fun, contemporary tunes that everyone is sure to know and will unite the crowd and get people moving!

What do Guests care about Most?-Marrying-Later-In-Life

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We hope this post helps you in planning the most important aspects of your wedding.

And…please come back soon!

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