Getting ready to be a bride takes a lot of time and energy, even up to the last day! But, here is what not to miss being a bride, as the day will go by in an instance! So here are some things to savor those last-minute moments before you turn into Mrs. …

Keep your morning nutrition and water intake:
Whether it’s a brunch with your bridesmaids in your bridal suite, having a pre-wedding meal is essential to having energy and focus for the day ahead of you!
Don’t forget to drink lots of water throughout the day so you won’t get dehydrated or over-indulged with champagne.

Your Hair & Makeup:
We assume you have had a trial run with your desired hair and makeup plan before today. However, plan to add on some extra-time for any unexpected hiccups. Especially if you have a last-minute change on your original do!

What not to miss as a Bride-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Your Wedding Dress:
Do a trial run of putting your wedding dress on. Depending on the style, it may be harder than you think, unless it’s a slip dress. You may need to trim loose thread or tackle your emergency bridal kit for a spare pair of nylons or so forth.

Your Pre-wedding photos:
Some of the most magical moments your photographer can capture are some of the truly magical memories with the “getting-ready shots” taken before the wedding ceremony. So, allow yourself enough time to be able to pose for the camera during this time without feeling stressed.

What not to miss as a Bride-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Pre-wedding time with your parents & siblings:
Let your parents and other family members know you would like to spend some time before you walk down the aisle!

Share quiet moments with your new spouse:
Don’t miss out on sharing some quiet time with your new spouse in the middle of the reception! Savor some magical moments together among the madness that is your wedding day!
Greeting your Guests:
Don’t forget to go out of your way to say hello and thank your guests for sharing your special day! If you aren’t having a traditional receiving line, then make a point of acknowledging them that night or the next morning at breakfast!
Enjoy your reception:
Don’t forget to enjoy all the details and interactive reception ideas you have planned. From the signature cocktail, to a photo booth fun and a piece of your cake! Don’t miss out on all the fun of the event!

What not to miss as a Bride-Marrying-Later-In-LIfe

Tidying up after:
Recruit and remind your bridal party in advance that you will need their help with clearing up the bridal suite, decorations, and rescuing mementoes you will want to take home.

Let us know what you don’t want to forget…and come back soon!

Benefits of Sex-Marrying-Later-In-Life

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