Winter Wedding Hats

Winter is upon us and if you’re getting married or attending a wedding in this cold season, it might be a good idea to wear a beautiful winter wedding hat.  If fact there is etiquette for hats at weddings.  Over on the Hat Guide in the UK  they say that ladies should wear a hat to a traditional wedding and that ladies should keep their hats on until the Mother of the Bride removes her hat which is usually when the formalities of the wedding breakfast are over and done with and gentlemen are free to remove their jackets with coffee being served.  This may not apply to the states but just be aware that there are certain rules for wearing a hat.  See below for some tips!

Check out these beautiful hats found on Etsy.  Click on the image to find the source!


wedding-hat-for-winter-1 wedding-hat-for-winter-2 wedding-hat-for-winter-3  wedding-hat-for-winter-5 wedding-hat-for-winter-6 wedding-hat-for-winter-7 wedding-hat-for-winter-8  wedding-hat-for-winter-10  wedding-hat-for-winter-11  wedding-hat-for-winter-13 wedding-hat-for-winter-14 wedding-hat-for-winter-4

For the girls ..

wedding-hat-for-winter-12 wedding-hat-for-winter-9


Wedding Hat Etiquette Rule –

Hats for mother of the bride and mother of the groom. A golden rule of thumb applies to the hats worn by the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. If the bride’s family is organizing the wedding, the mother of the groom should not wear a hat that is larger than the hat of the mother of the bride.

and don’t forget the …

Hat Lingo –

Don your hat means to put it on.
Doff your hat means to take it off.
Tip your hat means to grab the brim of the hat and lift up slightly or to grab the brim of the hat and gently tug forward with your index finger and thumb.
Grab the crown of your hat. This is the top of the hat that is bowl-like.


Hats can make or break a “look” so make sure your hat does your dress justice!


Karen Ezell

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