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A growing number of marriages today are couples getting married later in life and you may be among them.  As an older bride, you will be facing challenges and issues that younger brides don’t have to consider.  Concerns specific to mature brides include blending families, legal issues, career and work decisions to name just a few.  Creating your own distinctive wedding style is also an essential.  Choosing the right dress, accessories and all your wedding details will be built around your style, which our book, blog and vendors will help you identify.

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Complicated Decisions

Marrying later in life may require attention to matters such as blending families, dealing with your dog or his cat, deciding about your English Tudor mansion or his ranch style home, your name, or his name, and the big, bad but often necessary prenuptial agreement.

Why Us?

Since both of us have professional backgrounds in design, we were quite capable in creating our own unique wedding style. Yet, when talking to our friends and acquaintances over 40, many were at a loss as to how to plan their wedding. Combining new families, planning a ceremony and reception, decisions about the dress and shoes plus all the numerous other issues, seemed daunting! So we began our research in earnest.  It was disappointing to find that most wedding resources focused on younger “princess”  brides. NOTHING addressed the “Later in Life” bride. No one focused on the needs of a bride whose body had changed and reconfigured somewhat over the years and is presently unable to squeeze into a perfect size 4. We also discovered certain undergarments that re-adjusted our bodies so as to avoid that “mature” look. In a nutshell, we decided to take the “bull by the horns” and write a self help book about weddings for women over 40. Let’s face it ladies, our issues are different today than when we were in our twenties.

Time to Take Action

Thus began a three-year research project during which time we interviewed many women who were marrying later in life. We discussed the difficult decisions and situations they faced when planning their wedding and new lives.

Just for You

Marrying Later in Life is a unique resource exclusively for you. Our goal is to share our experiences and provide new ideas. We will help you find relevant wedding tips from our experts who are part of a growing community of woman who share their experiences on our wedding blog. We know how exciting and confusing planning a wedding can be, and we know you too can be a beautiful bride at any age!

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