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I’m not a bride but I was a groom. Having gotten married for the first time at 53 I somehow felt calling myself a later in life candidate meant puberty was a long time ago. I know it wasn’t because I still would rather go to a baseball game and have a pizza than go to a party on a boat and have anything tartar. But this isn’t about me. It’s about my wife and how she’s glued to every word on every page of this wonderful book. She tells me it’s wonderful and I believe her but I don’t understand at all her penchant for getting face shots with botox on a regular basis. But I digress. She loves the book and I’m quite sure anyone who needs a little hug and positive vibe will love it, too. – Allen Rubens


Very detailed ideas for marrying later in life. Ideas I never thought of and a very hopeful theme. Would recommend for any age. – Barbara Bargas


As a wedding coordinator, I frequently come across a lot of these topics mentioned in “Marrying Later in Life.” It was a great referral source and I would recommend my brides to definitely read this book for suggestions and feedback from the two authors. – Jennifer
This book is the A to Z on getting married later in life or any time really. Such great tips and information on planning and dealing with the “Big Day”. It really takes the guess work out of and otherwise overwhelming celebration. This book will help you breathe a little easier and really enjoy your special day to the fullest and not get stressed out! I would highly recommend this book as a gift or a gift to yourself!  Enjoy!   Signed,   Grateful!  – Sergio A Arjonilla


Elizabeth and Marsha have shared valuable tips, suggestions and time-saving advice for the bride and groom with the details of wedding planning for any age! Their personal stories, Elizabeth chose to be married “back East” and Marsha on a golf course, make this primer both a delight and a Must Read. – Mary Jane Tyler


Great ideas for communication between men and women. Practical information regarding planning your wedding or any large event particularly making the event your own personal special event. Good guidelines to help make the wedding or event run more smoothly. I really liked the lists for preventing or solving unforeseen emergency issues. The book included ideas for family and guests incorporating them into your special day. Very informative and personal. Good book and an enjoyable read. – Carol A Hay


This is a book that belongs in everybody’s library! Full of great ideas and insight into relationships in general and how to plan a wedding and new marriage that will be joyful and stress-free, in particular. I found the authors engaging and and charming. I would highly recommend this book for anyone planning a wedding, even if they are not marrying ‘later in life.’ I think all relationships could benefit from this treasure-trove of wit and wisdom. – N. Straight


Great check lists. Does not miss anything you would need to know; just one tip would make it worth reading. – Richard Procrass


This How To book is an essential read for all those marrying after the age of 40 or at any time. It tackles problems encountered before they become problems, that is, before the wedding. My friend’s daughter is getting married next month and I gave her the book to share with her fiance. They can’t thank me enough! – Quantum


I liked the book. Fun read. Still want to find a book when you marry later in life and one partner has no kids. – Jennifer L. MacDonald


Good focused information for the “mature” bride but also lots that would be of real value to anyone planning a wedding. Well organized,clearly written with excellent reminder lists and well-placed space for notes without having to resort to squeezing them into margins. All how-to writers could learn from reading this. – Nancy K Nelson


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