Announcing the 2nd Version of our popular book!  A Cover-to-Cover Update!

Are you in a committed relationship, getting married for the first time “or” getting married again?

STOP before you do and read the interesting and valuable new ideas we have added to our revised book – MARRYING LATER IN LIFE.

In today’s world of uncertainty, you have accomplished one of the most amazing challenges when you found your “companion for life”.

Our book, MARRYING LATER IN LIFE, addresses more than the fundamental progression and activities of getting married. Instead, it focuses on some of the most important challenges of a committed relationship: such as – merging lifestyles, combining households, financial issues, children and blending your immediate family and friends into your new life together.

When you were falling madly in love, you may not have thought about these issues, but they are extremely important to address now that you have made a lifetime commitment to each other.

Join Elizabeth and Marsha and learn how you too can be an Informed Bride!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this book one half as much as we enjoyed writing it!

PS: After reading Marrying Later in Life, you may have additional questions and suggestions. We encourage you to contact us on our website and interact with our blog and venders.

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Marrying Later in Life Book
Discover the Secrets to Marrying Later in Life and how to be an informed Bride at any age!   Resolve the many challenges and complicated issues Before you walk down the aisle.

If you are 40 years of age or older and getting married for the first time or again, Marrying Later in Life is the book for you!

It is THE ONLY resource you must read before making any wedding decisions or plans.  Start here, not with a wedding planner, to make your wedding day better than you ever dreamed it could be!  A growing number of marriages today are couples getting married later in life, and you may be among them. As an older bride, you will be facing challenges and issues that younger brides don’t have to consider.

Concerns specific to the over 40s set like all of us include blending families, career and work decisions and legal issues, to name just a few.  Creating your own distinctive wedding style is also an essential, like choosing the right dress and planning all the varied facets of your special day.

Find out the answers to these questions and much more in the extremely informative and interactive book Marrying Later in Life


Purchase our book at Barnes and Noble
Purchase our book on iTunes
Purchase our book on Amazon