Here are my top 10 things to do after a fight (in no particular order).

disclaimer – I am not a therapist or a psychologist … I’m just a person like you.

ONE – Kiss and make up

TWO – Have sex and make up … should this be number one?

THREE – Stay mad for a few days and then get over it.

FOUR – Communicate … what a thought!

FIVE – Talk it out calmly … good luck with this one … maybe do number TWO first!

SIX – Yell and scream and get your point across …. could work I guess, but I go back to number TWO.

SEVEN – Pout, look away, don’t make eye contact … and then the other person will probably do number three.

EIGHT – Text cute emojis … oh my gosh .. please don’t do this

NINE – Apologize.  …. now that’s a thought.

TEN – Put a love note in his or her wallet … surprise!

What are your top things to do after a fight?  What works for you??


Karen Ezell

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