Wedding Color – Yellow

If you love Yellow, you are not alone.  Yellow is happy, fun, cheerful, bright and so much more!  It can be paired with grey, white, pink, navy to name a few.  You can have yellow as a bold part of the wedding with your bridesmaids wearing yellow or maybe just a subtle part of the wedding with yellow in the bouquets and accents.

Via Etsy – Art Home Boutique

Did you choose yellow because you love a yellow flower?

Check with your local florist and ask them a few questions –
Is my favorite flower in season for the month of my wedding?
What flowers do they recommend based on your color scheme?
Do those flowers fit my budget?
What flower will work well in a boutonniere for that color?

Did you see yellow in another wedding and like the look?

Dress by BHLDN

Accessory Ideas –

Flower Crown –

via Etsy – Flowers by Sveta

A beautiful Hair Comb –

wedding hair come for a yellow theme
via Etsy

Sunflower Boutonniere –

Via Etsy – Craft Celebration

And for the shoes, if you only want a splash of yellow, you can find some great shoe clips on Etsy.

yellow shoe clip for wedding

via Etsy

So .. what have you decided?  Yellow for the main color or just accents?

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